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NUKE W.O.D. 210g



Everyone remembers their first W.O.D, who could ever forget? Stepping into the box, speakers thumping, barbells dropping, sneakers squeaking, athletes swinging from what seemed to be jacked up jungle gyms; hell it was like entering the twilight zone. NUKE® W.O.D. pays homage to the sport, the community, the “ladies”, the “heroes” and the relentless pursuit of PRs. NUKE W.O.D. receives an Event Level 3 “RX” intensity ranking on the Nuclear Table. Designed for optimal dosage at one scoop, ideal for metcon workouts (scale up if need be to two scoops for strength workouts).

The NUKE, like fire, marks the dividing line between all that came before and everything that will follow after. With great power comes great responsibility, to yeild this responsibility we have developed the NT or Nuclear Table, in order to assist our Swoldiers in Arms in choosing the appropriate NUKE for the task at hand. Each W.M.D has been designed with a specific task and fitness battlefield in mind; this is communicated through the term “Event Level” followed by a numbered ranking from 1 to a maximum of 7; standing alongside this is an assigned tactical term for ease of use on the battlefield.


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